WWDC 2015

Now that WWDC 2015 is officially over, I have compiled a list of sessions videos to watch. As an indie game developer, I am particularly interested in sessions related to SceneKit, SpriteKit, GameplayKit and of course Swift!

[gist https://gist.github.com/kartast/9a4453a187d8c58990f6]

Movess is 99% Swift

I want to share with everyone who is still undecided on Swift vs Objective-C for their next project that movess was built using Swift. The project started late last year when Swift 1.0 was released, and migrated to Swift 1.2 just a month or so before the release. Movess is only mostly Swift, there are still Objective-C codes in the project, which mainly comes from using third party libraries.

My experience building an entire social network app with Swift is mostly positive. I have only two little complains about it, firstly compiling Swift project with Xcode is not as fast as an Objective-C project. Apple improved the compile speed in Xcode 6.3 with incremental builds, but I am still finding it slow when the project needs to recompile sometimes.

Secondly, the fact that Swift is a very young programming language means your code will need to be constantly updated when new version of the language is released. Luckily Apple provides migration tool whenever they introduce new update to Swift language, such as the upcoming Swift 2.0 update.