44 is out now!

I am proud to announce the release of 44, a minimalist platformer for iOS. The goal of the 44 is simple - collect 44 keys to clear the game. Controlling the character is as simple as tilting the device to move left and right, and tap the screen to jump. It won’t take a second to be familiar with the controls, but mastering it is the key to clearing 44!

Your goal is simple, but the path is tough, and full of obstacles. Deadly obstacles are scattered around the maze and you have to avoid them.

44 looks and sounds so easy, 44 keys? piece of cake? don’t be fooled! Try it once, you will get hooked, get frustrated, and can’t put it down! The levels are full of surprises and you won’t get bored playing it over and over again!

44 is integrated with Game Center leaderboard so you can keep track of you high scores and challenge your friends!

44 is available int the App Store for free.